Our Services

Removal of the pet (dogs and cats, as well as birds and other pets from your home or veterinarian's office)

You may also choose to personally bring your pet to our office. Please call in advance if you wish to bring your pet.

Exclusive Cremation
Your pet is cremated alone in our crematory with no other pets.

Individual Cremation
Your pet may be cremated with others during the same cremation cycle, but your pet is kept isolated from others within the crematory, allowing us to preserve your pet's ashes separately. These ashes are returned to you in the urn or another memorial product of your choice. Most items can be personalized with a sentiment to express the special relationship you had with your pet.

Group Cremation
Your pet is cremated along with other pets. The ashes are not returned to you and are disposed of by Hart's Petuary in accordance with EPA guidelines.

Hart's Petuary will bury your pet on your property. We also offer a full range of caskets and vaults for burial.

Pre-arrangement available

Commemorative products
To honor the memory of your beloved pet, Hart's Petuary can assist you with the selection of personalized urns, keepsakes, remembrances or burial markers. Click here to view our pet commemorative products.

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